The American Curly is a rare species, who’s origin is a mystery. The idea that they originated from the Russian Bashkir horse has not been proven, and in fact, the Russian Bashkir is a smooth coated pony, so the connection isn’t unlikely.

But the origin of the American Curly is much less important than the attributes that make them special. In fact, Curlies are not really a breed at all, but a genetic anomaly. And interestingly, certain attributes seem to show up consistenly in horses that have Curly heritage.

Curlies tend to have strong, substantial bones, perfect for maintaining a long, sound performance career!

Curlies honestly enjoy being around people. Many of them will leave the herd to ‘hang out’ with humans. They tend to have “in your back pocket” personalities, that honestly enjoy interaction with people.

Curlies tend to have strong hooves that rarely need shoes. In most cases, regular trimming is enough to keep their feet in shape.

Curlies are generally found to be hypoallergenic for those who have allergies to horses. This isn’t related to the actual curls, but more to the configuration of the hair shaft itself. Often smooth coated horses with Curly ancestry prove to be hypoallergenic as well. Each person is different, you should allergy test any Curly you are considering buying before you finalize the purchase!

Curlies tend to be willing to work, easy to train and learn quickly.

Curlies tend to be brave and confident, generally they are not spooky, more curious about new things than frightened.

Curly Fiber can be collected during shedding season and used to spin yarn or in needle felting projects by fiber artists!